The Ropes

by: scott w

When you Shoot for the moon and hit Alpha Centari

Don’t tell me and my wife we are not abitious. We took on the loss of 2 failed contracts trying to sell our home. We went under the first contract during the original toilet paper raid of covid-19. The buyers got cold feet and backed out. The second buyers more of the same. I could just blame a virus and feel sorry for myself, but the world has not time for that. If you stop, it keeps spinning.

Instead of continuing to play the game, we decided we loved our home, and made it a bigger part of our lifestyle.

We opened a marketing comapny.
We built an office.
We added on an Air Bnb to our additional apartment
We built a kindergarten for homeschool
I learned how to code.
We took on clients
We opened an LLC

There was plenty to do from march through July to get us set up for this moment. There were risks involved, and there were chances we took. 

I gotta say, we aren’t fully accomplished in all of our goals, but they come together, closer and closer every day.

Regrets are not our thing. If it doesn’t work out, move on, try again, pick yourself up, and GO!

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