The Dreams We Weave

October 17th, 2020

I think the obsessive nature kept me going

I had just put down dreamweaver in a previous thought. I did a thing. I went out and treated myself to an Adobe Creative Suite subscription. I had only went with adobe for photoshop and other editing needs.
Well there you Go! Dreamweaver is a part of Adobe! So I downloaded it. I began using it. Its not the monster I remember 20 years ago. Even back then, I would have never thought I could switch to design and start caring for myself and my family.
I thought about it last night. I had some sleepless nights in July, while I was learning html and CSS. I was running tags and classes in my mind, and couldn’t get to a text editor to get the thought out of my brain. So I would wake up at 3am, 4am. I would just open laptop and start typing. I was working in Dream before I even knew I would be back to Dreamweaver.
I am proud of our decisions as a family. We have made choices during a lockdown in Colorado. We just kept adjusting and adapting to industry, public life, schooling, and work decisions.

Today, we feel so close to independence. I am launching this website in days. A few more designs, a few more dreamweaves, just a few more clients. I have confidence I can bring quality work to the web. I know I can bring you a true reality to your vision.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any requests in design and web building. Along with my wife, we have created a wide spectrum of marketing, advertising, and web design jobs that focuses on growth and online presence.


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