Finally Stepping Into the Right World

October 6th, 2020

following through on my commitments to self investment, I have made a huge leap in 30 days

Since finding my industry turned upside down, I have not squandered the time the world has given me.
I was stressed out in an unforgiving and rewarding career of managing restaurants.
I felt accomplished as a chef, manager, leader, and employee. Unfortunately, most restaurant owners are so busy in the own rite, they fail to see the efforts under them.

When you add wreckless cutomers into the mix, spatting about their freedoms, while we are also simultaneously dodging discontents that were out for a free meal, you couldn’t quite see the light.

I worked my ass off in that industry. I came out on top with a wife, kid, dogs, cat house and the whole ideal family. I feel I’ve cashed in days of my life to make it happen. Now….. its time for me. I have launched into an old sidehustle and found new life and inviggoration. I have completed the first chapter of my journey learning web development coding languages.

If HTML is DaVinci and CSS is Michaelangelo, Javascript is certainly Einstien. The first two came very easily to me. JAvascript was daunting and almost defeated me. It took a few months of study and practice, until the ahah moment allowed me to begin to type freelely and gain my desired result.

Time to reach out, and get those freelance jobs. Find remote hourly work to cater to my new knowledge and apply in the real world. I see you world. Now I have a channel to it where it can look back.

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