All the Loose Ends

October 13th, 2020

when you learn something new, you learn the 1000 other things you didn’t knew you had to know.

I have done a thing. It was outside the box. It was new. I did not know, it would open up a deep world of computer science. Comp Tia / A+ certification was a long time ago. I didn’t know how to bridge my knowledge from hardware to software. Before I went this far on coding Web Design, I had experience in a new website called wordpress.
I couldn’t define what I was doing at the time, but it was backend work. Setting up servers domains, and adding WordPress to clents hosting file servers. I remember during that time, like 20 years ago, I opened dreamweaver ready to be the elite web designer of my time. It was just a blank page with a cursor blinking. I closed that program and never opened it again.
The artist in me wanted that core knowledge. The fundamentals I just commited to learn, gave me the keys to running the internet how I’d like. The overhead is now just hosting and my time. I am excited to perfect my CSS methods and refine a beautiful website. If you are ever picking around my site, you might find, colors changing, technologies improving, and features added.

Since buying up this domain and making it mine, I have foudn several itterations of my vision. I am sure there will be more the come.

My next few steps of professional development

  • complete Portfolio
  • Create GitHub file system and learn commits
  • Replicate my WordPress Knowledge
  • Build out a quality Linked In Profile
  • continue Challenging myself with Javascript

II have found a rhythm in my web design. I am excited for gaining some noew clients and maybe find a an upwork or a fiver gig. We’ll just see if I am worth it to the general consumer. My bigger hope is to begin working in this spectrum with other developers who can share ideas and methods.

Time to get to work coding on this oddly branded portfolio of mine. -s

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