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When you have an obsessive work nature, and you are paired with unappreciative bosses, you are the only one suffering.

There is a sad truth in the phrase, “It is lonely at the top.” In leadership and management, it really can be. You have worked tirelessly to your role in your operation. You continue to stay vigilant in mentality and humility to never lose that faith from those you try to lift up.

Leadership is a rarely accomplished quality in the professional world. With learning the hard knocks of being an operations manager, I gained the encouragement of personal development. The only way I could take the next leap in my professional life, is to step out of my comfort of a great salary. Take better care of my time and my body. I expended plenty for owners and bosses that squandered my sacrifices.

Coding and Web design is not an old concept to me. I have 10 years in side hustle experience while working 65 hour work weeks. New, only now, the concept of the full power of myself behind learning / developing coding and web design.

“Some thought provoking quote here to impress all the job holders to read and say, ‘Man, I really need this guy to do a job for me, or bring him aboard remotely because someone else could snatch him up.’.” -some random grandpa