Steep Curve, Plenty of Work and more education

I woke up at 5:30 this morning and watched an hour of a harvard classroom session on HTML CSS and Javascript. It is comforting that I feel proficient up to 90% on HTML. Right after that I went through my work dicplines that keep me up to speed on the accounts we are already working.

Here is an Ad I did for a cabins booking service

In addition to trying to learn coding, start a business, raise a child, keep the house up, I am trying to type out two blogs. Branding has never been my thing. I am one thing one day, I am something the next. I change in attitude and feeling. So maybe I find some kind of online identity for my own professional brand.

WordPress is helping me learn WP as a configuration service we could provide. I have someone already interested in getting their brand started for 3 blogs on WP. Woo-hoo! more biz!

Through this Covid venture of a complete swap of my vocation, I have begun to learn balance. I took some time yesterday and put m feet in the kiddie pool while my daughter vegged in a floaty.

Life is good. Our accounts will increase. My wife and I are determined. We have back burnered non essiential activities since most are halted anyway. Wish me luck. Give me a comment.

Do I have time for a podcast?