Seos and What the Google Bots Want

an image of jumbled code with an SEO suggestion

When gaining traction on organic search hits, it’s no longer great to spam keywords to get a bot to hit. Now it’s more important to keep good practices in play with your code or web editor.

I’ll start with alts. Alts are the “I’ll do it later” , but best to do it now type disciple. Alts are descriptions of the images you display on your website. Plus! They also give you a level of access to the visually impaired web surfer.

an image of jumbled code with an SEO suggestion

You should have the ease of completing this on a square space or wix, but this step can be often overlooked. In the search game every percentage counts.

Meta Tags

Social media meta tags are super beneficial. When you gain confidence with your meta tags, you have perfect control on what the user sees when you link is shared. In most cases the facebook or twitter code tries to process this automatically, but the outcome is at the mercy of the algorithm. Most editors like squarespace and wix have methods to configure these settings, but I will always side on building sites with original source code. So don’t be scarred of meta tags.

When I was playing with these settings, I would send myself the links to see the results. There are other “OG” (open graph) options to hit all the settings. You can target a specific platform by moving away from “property=’OG:image'” and target specifically like so: “property=’twitter:image'”

Seem like complicated code?, Great! Complicated code may get me into retirement. One favorable part to coding from scratch is the control. You get out what you put into your html. Javascript and CSS really get all the attention, but I make sure to swing by and sww what Condition my HTML Condition is in.

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