About the Blogger

Hi! I’m Scott! I am a twenty year Chef and Restaurant Operator. Sounds odd why I would be blogging about Web Design, Coding, and Development. I have my reasons. Read along and see why your innate dreams and global bio-disasters can change a person.

My wife and I operate W2 Marketing and I am managing our web servers and enjoy coding our clients websites. The Blog, “Scripting the Future” is dedicated as an informative channel of a family’s switch from the grind, into a life of creativity, covid, and co-op schooling a child as a kinder. We are not unique in our challenge to an overwhelming change in our day to day lives. We all make the best of it I wish to champion that message with our personal story, but hope to share others. Becomming inspired for not only my family, but our communities!

I am using twitter as my blogging outlet and joining a great community of developers of all experiences. Thank you for checking out a few of my thoughts. We are busy, but still for hire! Tell your Friendsabout W2!, and don’t forget to donate to Open Source Software! My Picks: Sublime Text and Gimp