Seos and What the Google Bots Want

an image of jumbled code with an SEO suggestion

When gaining traction on organic search hits, it’s no longer great to spam keywords to get a bot to hit. Now it’s more important to keep good practices in play with your code or web editor.

I’ll start with alts. Alts are the “I’ll do it later” , but best to do it now type disciple. Alts are descriptions of the images you display on your website. Plus! They also give you a level of access to the visually impaired web surfer.

an image of jumbled code with an SEO suggestion

You should have the ease of completing this on a square space or wix, but this step can be often overlooked. In the search game every percentage counts.

Meta Tags

Social media meta tags are super beneficial. When you gain confidence with your meta tags, you have perfect control on what the user sees when you link is shared. In most cases the facebook or twitter code tries to process this automatically, but the outcome is at the mercy of the algorithm. Most editors like squarespace and wix have methods to configure these settings, but I will always side on building sites with original source code. So don’t be scarred of meta tags.

When I was playing with these settings, I would send myself the links to see the results. There are other “OG” (open graph) options to hit all the settings. You can target a specific platform by moving away from “property=’OG:image'” and target specifically like so: “property=’twitter:image'”

Seem like complicated code?, Great! Complicated code may get me into retirement. One favorable part to coding from scratch is the control. You get out what you put into your html. Javascript and CSS really get all the attention, but I make sure to swing by and sww what Condition my HTML Condition is in.

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The Dreams We Weave

October 17th, 2020

I think the obsessive nature kept me going

I had just put down dreamweaver in a previous thought. I did a thing. I went out and treated myself to an Adobe Creative Suite subscription. I had only went with adobe for photoshop and other editing needs.
Well there you Go! Dreamweaver is a part of Adobe! So I downloaded it. I began using it. Its not the monster I remember 20 years ago. Even back then, I would have never thought I could switch to design and start caring for myself and my family.
I thought about it last night. I had some sleepless nights in July, while I was learning html and CSS. I was running tags and classes in my mind, and couldn’t get to a text editor to get the thought out of my brain. So I would wake up at 3am, 4am. I would just open laptop and start typing. I was working in Dream before I even knew I would be back to Dreamweaver.
I am proud of our decisions as a family. We have made choices during a lockdown in Colorado. We just kept adjusting and adapting to industry, public life, schooling, and work decisions.

Today, we feel so close to independence. I am launching this website in days. A few more designs, a few more dreamweaves, just a few more clients. I have confidence I can bring quality work to the web. I know I can bring you a true reality to your vision.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any requests in design and web building. Along with my wife, we have created a wide spectrum of marketing, advertising, and web design jobs that focuses on growth and online presence.


All the Loose Ends

October 13th, 2020

when you learn something new, you learn the 1000 other things you didn’t knew you had to know.

I have done a thing. It was outside the box. It was new. I did not know, it would open up a deep world of computer science. Comp Tia / A+ certification was a long time ago. I didn’t know how to bridge my knowledge from hardware to software. Before I went this far on coding Web Design, I had experience in a new website called wordpress.
I couldn’t define what I was doing at the time, but it was backend work. Setting up servers domains, and adding WordPress to clents hosting file servers. I remember during that time, like 20 years ago, I opened dreamweaver ready to be the elite web designer of my time. It was just a blank page with a cursor blinking. I closed that program and never opened it again.
The artist in me wanted that core knowledge. The fundamentals I just commited to learn, gave me the keys to running the internet how I’d like. The overhead is now just hosting and my time. I am excited to perfect my CSS methods and refine a beautiful website. If you are ever picking around my site, you might find, colors changing, technologies improving, and features added.

Since buying up this domain and making it mine, I have foudn several itterations of my vision. I am sure there will be more the come.

My next few steps of professional development

  • complete Portfolio
  • Create GitHub file system and learn commits
  • Replicate my WordPress Knowledge
  • Build out a quality Linked In Profile
  • continue Challenging myself with Javascript

II have found a rhythm in my web design. I am excited for gaining some noew clients and maybe find a an upwork or a fiver gig. We’ll just see if I am worth it to the general consumer. My bigger hope is to begin working in this spectrum with other developers who can share ideas and methods.

Time to get to work coding on this oddly branded portfolio of mine. -s

Finally Stepping Into the Right World

October 6th, 2020

following through on my commitments to self investment, I have made a huge leap in 30 days

Since finding my industry turned upside down, I have not squandered the time the world has given me.
I was stressed out in an unforgiving and rewarding career of managing restaurants.
I felt accomplished as a chef, manager, leader, and employee. Unfortunately, most restaurant owners are so busy in the own rite, they fail to see the efforts under them.

When you add wreckless cutomers into the mix, spatting about their freedoms, while we are also simultaneously dodging discontents that were out for a free meal, you couldn’t quite see the light.

I worked my ass off in that industry. I came out on top with a wife, kid, dogs, cat house and the whole ideal family. I feel I’ve cashed in days of my life to make it happen. Now….. its time for me. I have launched into an old sidehustle and found new life and inviggoration. I have completed the first chapter of my journey learning web development coding languages.

If HTML is DaVinci and CSS is Michaelangelo, Javascript is certainly Einstien. The first two came very easily to me. JAvascript was daunting and almost defeated me. It took a few months of study and practice, until the ahah moment allowed me to begin to type freelely and gain my desired result.

Time to reach out, and get those freelance jobs. Find remote hourly work to cater to my new knowledge and apply in the real world. I see you world. Now I have a channel to it where it can look back.

The Ropes

by: scott w

When you Shoot for the moon and hit Alpha Centari

Don’t tell me and my wife we are not abitious. We took on the loss of 2 failed contracts trying to sell our home. We went under the first contract during the original toilet paper raid of covid-19. The buyers got cold feet and backed out. The second buyers more of the same. I could just blame a virus and feel sorry for myself, but the world has not time for that. If you stop, it keeps spinning.

Instead of continuing to play the game, we decided we loved our home, and made it a bigger part of our lifestyle.

We opened a marketing comapny.
We built an office.
We added on an Air Bnb to our additional apartment
We built a kindergarten for homeschool
I learned how to code.
We took on clients
We opened an LLC

There was plenty to do from march through July to get us set up for this moment. There were risks involved, and there were chances we took. 

I gotta say, we aren’t fully accomplished in all of our goals, but they come together, closer and closer every day.

Regrets are not our thing. If it doesn’t work out, move on, try again, pick yourself up, and GO!

Steep Curve, Plenty of Work and more education

I woke up at 5:30 this morning and watched an hour of a harvard classroom session on HTML CSS and Javascript. It is comforting that I feel proficient up to 90% on HTML. Right after that I went through my work dicplines that keep me up to speed on the accounts we are already working.

Here is an Ad I did for a cabins booking service

In addition to trying to learn coding, start a business, raise a child, keep the house up, I am trying to type out two blogs. Branding has never been my thing. I am one thing one day, I am something the next. I change in attitude and feeling. So maybe I find some kind of online identity for my own professional brand.

WordPress is helping me learn WP as a configuration service we could provide. I have someone already interested in getting their brand started for 3 blogs on WP. Woo-hoo! more biz!

Through this Covid venture of a complete swap of my vocation, I have begun to learn balance. I took some time yesterday and put m feet in the kiddie pool while my daughter vegged in a floaty.

Life is good. Our accounts will increase. My wife and I are determined. We have back burnered non essiential activities since most are halted anyway. Wish me luck. Give me a comment.

Do I have time for a podcast?

Dreaming in Code.

I did alot of bartending in my 20s. It required late nights and isolation from the weekend warrior crowd. To summarize I was tired, I was lonely.

Reset: I did alot of video gaming in my 20’s.

While I was a gamer I would go into what some would call the “HaloHole”. Much like ketemine, you were tranquilized. Trying to get that next frag. Your brain would give you a little dopamine drip. Get that top spot and all those juicy medals in the postgame report. When I fell into these holes, I would actually start dreaming of improving tactics and trouble”shooting” methods.

Reset: I didn’t have alot of girlfriends in my 20’s, but thats another blog way far away. This is my 40’s, I’m into learning a new vocation.

Now that I spend hours:

  • looking at one component trying to figure why the text is spilling outside the box
  • sorting through my numerous index files for that “one code that worked in that one scenario”
  • trying to fall back into focus while my wife talks to me about the kid and yogurt
  • debugging for a single quo’tation
  • photoshopping over 3 pixels…
  • searching for or creating content because the same 3 photos in my various projects are getting boring
  • typing <,>,/,{,},(,),”,[,],’,:,;#,

“Its the obsessive in my nature. I know I am getting a bit of endorphin supplement while I learn the core of HTML CSS and JavaScript.”

I have begun to dream about what regular people dream about, but with a twist. There is a code hiding behind the image (not visually) I am dreaming about. It can be manipulated, controlled. Not like the matrix…no Neo shit here. If I get shot in my face in my dream, I wake up.

Its the obsessive in my nature. I know I am getting a bit of endorphin supplement while I learn the core of HTML CSS and JavaScript. The first two come naturally. The script not so much. I’ll keep starting from the base level until I dream in </script>., its a reminder to take a break every no and again.

Leave me a not bot response below. Thanks! -scott

How to beat Quarantine and work for yourself

I am a lowly restaurant manager. My wife much better than I.

I’ve always had an entrepreneur sense, but I’ve never learned how to grasp and bring my ideas to fruition. I’ve always had a passion for food oh, and I was always good at making restaurant owners more profitable.

It takes money to build your own kitchen and menu. The days popping up in a restaurant without jumping through a billion regulatory hoops is challenging especially during a pandemic.

“My wife and I have swapped off being a stay-at-home parent while the other one works their butt off as the main breadwinner. This time around while I was off working my butt off oh, my wife added so much to her plate and developed her own remote social media management business.”

    How to work from home

  • get a cool wife
  • get a cool kid
  • get a cool house
  • get a cool side hustle

    Do NOT!

  • get a cool case of Covid-19

How do you stay in the business you’ve done for 20-plus years when germs are invading the entire globe.? The quick answer is you don’t stay in business, you got to change your business and you got a change it fast.

I found a side Hustle while working as an assistant general manager in Fort Collins Colorado. I used my simple knowledge of HTML and website building to create online training programs for businesses.

So far I’ve developed three training programs for three different restaurants. The last employers I worked for they ended up gaining three different restaurant brands online training.

My wife and I have swapped off being a stay-at-home parent while the other one works their butt off as the main breadwinner. This time around while I was off working my butt off oh, my wife added so much to her plate and developed her own remote social media management business.

We have since ran with that idea and built our own website we plan to launch our own marketing firm and have a product of online training software. This is the first of hopefully many blogs, since I’ve been home I have found that I am highly productive and I can get a lot done in 40 hours oh, I don’t have to do it for anyone else for 60 hours a week.